Talon Track T28 1.1" Lug 121x15x1.1 2.52 Pitch

Talon Track T28 1.1" Lug 121x15x1.1 2.52 Pitch


*** This track is sold until fall of 2016 ***

Talon 28: 121x15x1.1" track with 2.52" pitch is for older sleds, lower powered sleds, or those looking for maximum top speed performance. Soft compound give traction, braking, and stability on groomed trails and icy surfaces. The unique lug pattern makes this a very fast track which is great for top end, radar runs, or drag racing.

Fully clipped with all open windows eliminates friction and extends hyfax life. Two ply German cord/fabric construction gives excellent wear and reliable stud installation. A 3 year limited warranty against defects is the best on the market. The unique blend of synthetic and natural compounds give the track exceptional wear on frozen surfaces, eliminates thermal heat breakdown for reliable high speed running, and allows extreme cold temp flexibility for low rolling resistance with quick acceleration. The Talon 28 gives great handling and aggressive cornering on groomed trails or icy roads.

Item #: T28-110-2152
Manufacturer: Composit International
Condition: New
Cannot ship to: Canada, Finland, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden