Talon Track T32S 1.25" Lug 128x15x1.25 2.52 Pitch

Talon Track T32S 1.25" Lug 128x15x1.25 2.52 Pitch

Talon 32S: 128x15x1.25" track with 2.52" pitch and 136 pre-studs installed is for aggressive riders who demand superior traction but also want to keep their top speed. Aggressive angled lug pattern gives stability when cornering and maximum acceleration out of the corners.

The S model is PRE-STUDDED to give an extra margin of safety and control in icy conditions. Car type studs are embedded in the lugs to give a long lasting, durable stud. These studs are not for race type riders who want hard acceleration on ice (use a real push thru stud for those guys) but works well on icy corners, loading onto trailers, or hitting slick spots across a wind blown lake. No drilling of holes so track retains its warranty.

Fully clipped with all open windows eliminates friction and extends hyfax life. Two ply German cord/fabric construction gives excellent wear and reliable stud installation. Carries a 2 year limited warranty against factory defects. The unique blend of synthetic and natural compounds give the track exceptional wear on frozen surfaces, eliminates thermal heat breakdown for reliable high speed running, and allows extreme cold temp flexibility for low rolling resistance with quick acceleration. Improved handling and traction with superior top end makes the Talon 32 a versatile track for groomed trails, loose snow, icy roads, or racing.

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